Professional Domestic Cleaning

Domestic cleaners from HD Clean

  • One-off, weekly or fortnightly clean available
  • Regular Quality Control for fantastic results
  • REAL professional cleaners you can trust
  • More free time for the things you love to do
  • Custom checklist - you tell us what to clean

Regular: £10/hour | One off - 13£/hour

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Domestic Cleaning Services:

With the HD services at your door step all you have to do is let them in. Just sit back after you let them know the areas that need special care. This service is very reliable; you can leave your house keys with the cleaner. The maid that will be sent to your house will be a professional one. The same cleaner will be sent to your house every day. The services available are on daily, fortnight and monthly basis.

They offer services for cleaning of kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom everything. In bathroom they will clean and mop the floor, polish the sinks, disinfect the toilet, polish the showers and taps and also clean the mirrors. In case of kitchen emptying and cleaning of the dustbins, keeping the kitchen appliances clean are the main jobs. The will also scrub the kitchen walls and floors. Also arranging all the cutlery in their places is another job they will do for you.

Home Cleaning

Why Should you have a home cleaning service?

Because you have a life and a weekend to live. Having a regularly scheduled cleaning service frees you up to do the things you want to do. Home cleaning service isn't just for the wealthy anymore. With all of our running around, it's become a necessity!

Why choose HD Clean ?

We are more dependable than an individual, and less expensive and more consistant than other services. When you choose HMS, you choose a local family-owned company with over 20 years of experience in residential cleaning. We are small enough to build relationships, and large enough to be reliable.

How many people would be on my crew?

Typically, we will send 2 individuals to clean your home. On occassion, and depending on the size of the home, we may send three into a really large home.

Will my crew have their own supplies?

Yes. HD Clean supplies its crews with supply kits containing everything from cleaning chemicals, to mops, mop buckets, rags, mop heads, and vacuum cleaners. If you have a special product or piece of equipment you would like them to us, however, just leave that out for them.

Regular residential services include:

  • Bathrooms
  • Scrub & disinfect sink & toilet
  • Scrub & disinfect tub/shower, toilet tissue holder, towel racks
  • Replace dirty towels
  • Clean mirrors, glass & faucets
  • Clean floor & baseboards

Bedrooms, living room, great room & office area:

  • Change beds
  • Dust high & low
  • Dust blinds, window sills and frames as needed
  • Clean glass doors
  • Straighten blankets, pillows, magazines
  • Vacuum, mop or dust mop floors

Laundry room:

  • Clean surfaces & outside of appliances
  • Sweep and mop floor
  • Kitchen
  • Gather & carry out trash throughout house
  • Clean & disinfect countertops
  • Clean cabinet fronts
  • Clean microwave inside and out
  • Clean and polish outside of appliances
  • Scrub & disinfect sink
  • Clean all glass
  • Load dishwasher if indicated
  • Sweep & mop floors

Special Discounts

  • Weekly window cleaning – 50% OFF;
  • Fortnightly cleaning – 50% OFF;
  • Once a month (every 4 weeks) – 35% OFF;
  • Every 6 weeks - 30% OFF;
  • Bi-monthly option (every 8 weeks) – 25% OFF;
  • Every three months – 15% OFF;
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Commercial Window Cleaning 5


Why should you get the windows upkeep at regular intervals?

The reasons to be regular wit the cleaning of the properties are very straight forward, you do it for maintain the state of health for the property and to retain its beauty. The windows are the areas that interface the external approaches and while a guest is approaching your house, the doors and the windows are the prime areas on which his or her sight falls. Untidy windows would make him feel uncomfortable and thus he or she gathers a negative impression overall, not merely over your property but on your overall figure as it seems that you are a person who is not mindful about your possessions. Remember the saying that the first impression is always the lasting impression.



You clean it yourself or should you avail professional services?

Even if you can manage the cleaning of smaller extents of your own, it is sure that for accomplishing the bigger scopes of work, you have to get the job done by the experts. The professional cleaners would have all the of the tools gadgets and poles to clean the windows and other parts of the property thoroughly.


Window Cleaning 4Engaging the professional service providers is inevitable

No matter the property is your residence or your office premises, you have to get the windows cleaned regularly. Even if you can manage the regular casual cleaning of your own, you should inevitably engage the experts twice or thrice in a year so that you get the windows properly cleaned. The busy schedules that the majority of people holds these days, seldom allows time to get the cleaning job done by their own and thus engaging the professional services is the only option left to them.

Advantages in engaging a professional service provider

Professional service providers would have the tools and infrastructure to reach out to those areas that you can never reach of your own. Aside, the professional can also assist you to diagnose whether if some repairing works are needed or not and these agencies can also get the repairing work done for you. Thus, when you engage the professional service providers you are sure to get the best of the services that gives you the best outcome and complete peace of mind.


Domestic Window Cleaning7

How would you check the credibility and the worthiness of the service provider?

However, it is important that you engage such a cleaning agency that can offer you best results at reasonable pricing. Do consider the following points to select the best among the mediocre, if you consider these points surely you will get the best feasible outcome.

  • The agency should have substantial experience in catering similar scope of services
  • It should offer the entire spectrum on services related to the domain
  • The agency should have the legal permission and registrations to function in similar capacities
  • It should have trained and experienced cleaners and the agency should be able to produce the latest cleaning tools and gadgets
  • The agency should hold a reputation in meeting customer satisfaction
  • The workforce need to be insured and the agency should ensure that its workforce would never be a threat to your privacy and security
  • The agency should offer you a transparent pricing policy and the charges needs to be reasonable and realistic.
Question and Answers for HD Cleaning Services

What should I do if a cleaner damage something in my home?

Contact us as fast as u can and we will do our best to compensate you.

What happens if I’m not satisfied with the cleaning service?

We will change your regular cleaner and also we will send a quality control manager to inspect your place.

How long lasts the contract?

The duration of the contract depends on you.

What happens if my cleaner is on holiday or something like this?

Another cleaner will be sent to your place, after when we inform you.

In what ways I can pay?

You can pay with credit card, through PayPal and in cash.

What are your work hours?

We are working every day from 4:30 AM to 7 PM.

What services do you offer?

Our company offers window cleaning, also domestic and commercial cleaning we even offer and a professional vehicle valeting.

What does each service include?

Our services include specific steps which you can check in our website.

How often should I have my home cleaned?

At least once a week should be enough.

How you are going to clean my windows?

With all the skills we’ve gained and with the little help of our professional equipment.

How long it will take you to clean my place?

It depends on how big your place is.

What is the equipment that the cleaners use?

The equipment is high class and also the cleaning liquids are not dangerous.

Can I have the same cleaner every time?

Of course you can, but make sure the cleaner knows your schedule so he can be available for you.

Are there any hidden charges?

No, everything is included in the bill you receive.

Are you cleaners good in their job?

Of course they are, we are a professional cleaning company.

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