Domestic Window Cleaning

Domestic window cleaners from HD Clean in Swindon, Gloucester and Cheltenham
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Take Professional Help for Domestic Window Cleaning

Why do you have windows in your home? It may seem to you that this is a very odd question as every home as windows and they are part of the building. Windows just do not allow you to look outside your home but also let sunshine enter the rooms that provides light and warmth in the room. Thus, it’s important that you keep the windows clean and for that taking domestic window cleaning service is important.

Many people may be of opinion that domestic window cleaning can be done by themselves then why should they take services of professional domestic window cleaning services? The reason why taking professional services is beneficial are discussed below.

Domestic Window Cleaning

Boost the appeal of your home:
With time dust and debris covers the glass of the window glass and the glass gets smudged. So, these dirty windows reduce the aesthetic appeal of your home. It also does not allow sunlight to enter your home. So, with unclean window the appeal of your home reduces. If you have plans to sale your home or just make it attractive to your neighbours it’s better that you get your windows cleaned by professionals like HD Clean UK. They will take care that the last dust particle is removed from the windows.


Protects your Windows:
When you clean the windows of your home yourself you do not have the right equipment that is required to clean windows. For this you will not be able to clean the debris and dirt totally. Moreover, while cleaning the windows yourself, the dust may etch the glass and put scratches thereon. So, gradually the life of the glass of the window will reduce and you may have to change the glass that will be costly. When you take professional help for domestic window cleaning from HD Clean UK you can be assured that the cleaning will be good enough and there will be no scratches on the glass.

Better for cleaning windows at height:

In your home there may be more than single story. So, if you have to clean windows at first floor or second floor then you will find it difficult. It may not be possible for you reach windows at height. On the other hand when you call professionals for help they will come equipped for cleaning windows at any floor. Thus, you do not have to worry about height. Moreover, while cleaning windows at height you may fall and get hurt. When the cleaning job is completed by cleaners from HD Clean UK, you do not have the risk of falling and getting hurt. So, forget using ladder to reach higher spaces as everything will be taken care by the professional cleaners.

Domestic Window Cleaning 3


Get satisfied service after window cleaning:
While cleaning the window yourself you may find that after cleaning the result is not satisfactory. There are still patches of dirt and dust on the window. When you get services of HD Clean UK in Swindon, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Bristol or any other location you get clean windows without any streaks or smudges. So, for domestic window cleaning it’s better to take professional help. Check also our Commercial window cleaning service


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Window Cleaning Prices for Swindon and Cheltenham


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Special Discounts

  • Weekly window cleaning50% OFF;
  • Fortnightly cleaning – 50% OFF;
  • Once a month (every 4 weeks) – 35% OFF;
  • Every 6 weeks - 30% OFF;
  • Bi-monthly option (every 8 weeks) – 25% OFF;
  • Every three months – 15% OFF;

Valid only in  Wiltshire and Gloucestershire, also Bristol, Gloucester, Celtenham and Swindon.

Got more questions about window cleaning process?

If you have more questions we recommend checking out our FAQ - Click on the link bellow.

 Also, always feel free to call our support line at 07444 105 505

Question and Answers for HD Cleaning Services

What should I do if a cleaner damage something in my home?

Contact us as fast as u can and we will do our best to compensate you.

What happens if I’m not satisfied with the cleaning service?

We will change your regular cleaner and also we will send a quality control manager to inspect your place.

How long lasts the contract?

The duration of the contract depends on you.

What happens if my cleaner is on holiday or something like this?

Another cleaner will be sent to your place, after when we inform you.

In what ways I can pay?

You can pay with credit card, through PayPal and in cash.

What are your work hours?

We are working every day from 4:30 AM to 7 PM.

What services do you offer?

Our company offers window cleaning, also domestic and commercial cleaning we even offer and a professional vehicle valeting.

What does each service include?

Our services include specific steps which you can check in our website.

How often should I have my home cleaned?

At least once a week should be enough.

How you are going to clean my windows?

With all the skills we’ve gained and with the little help of our professional equipment.

How long it will take you to clean my place?

It depends on how big your place is.

What is the equipment that the cleaners use?

The equipment is high class and also the cleaning liquids are not dangerous.

Can I have the same cleaner every time?

Of course you can, but make sure the cleaner knows your schedule so he can be available for you.

Are there any hidden charges?

No, everything is included in the bill you receive.

Are you cleaners good in their job?

Of course they are, we are a professional cleaning company.

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