Windows Cleaning FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you serve the area I live?

Our expert and cost effective service is available through out Wiltshire. We appreciate you call at 07450244442 or 07977705777 and confirm the availability of service at your area.

Windows Cleaning FAQ

Windows Cleaning FAQ

  1. Do you quote me a fixed price?

We quote you the price only once we estimate the actual scope of services. We assure you that we adapt to a fair pricing policy and thus we never ask you for any hidden charges. Moreover, our experts would be happy to give you the span of time till your problem gets resolved.

  1. I am afraid that my privacy would be invaded

We use 22m extension poles to feed the water for cleaning. The length of the pipe gives us access to till the 4th floor level and thus our operators can work from external approaches. Thus, you really need not to be concerned about your privacy.

  1. Do you operate at Night or at weekends or in the holidays?

Our cleaners serve you happily whether it is a weekend or it’s a holiday. We believe is addressing the emergency on war-footing basis. However, we can produce much better output if we get the availability of daylight.

  1. Do I require paying anything extra over the amount you quote me?

We quote you an all-inclusive quote including all the applicable taxes. In case, we require paying any parking or congestion fees for parking the cars to serve you, you would be needed to reimburse fees so paid. However, if you can allot a free-parking zone for the vehicle, obviously we would not be asking you for such reimbursements.

  1. Do you operate through insured & vetted manpower?

Our workforce is well trained and we take due insurance coverage over them before to assign them to work. We recruit out technician through reliable references only, and thus the integrity aspects can be relied upon.

  1. Can I avail the service on any specified date as per my schedule?

You can definitely specify date to avail the service and we take every measure to meet the preferences of yours. We request you that please 24 hours advance notice on your intention to avail our services. This helps us to adjust the schedules of ours so that we can attend you by the date you want.

  1. Do you want me to present at my home while your technician comes?

It is completely up to you. We arrange with the property owner the access to the property even if he or she is not there at the service time. However, if you desire to be present at the service time, we welcome your decision heartily. Once we are through with the service, you or your designated person need to be on spot to inspect what we did and to take the custody of the access instruments like the key.

  1. Do I have to pay any charges if I cancel the booking?

You require paying cancellation charges if you cancel the service schedule in lesser than 48 hours of advance notice. The cancellation charges would be applicable @ 50% of the service fees or 50 GBP if the service fees exceed 100 GBP.

  1. Do you offer Janitorial/ cleaning supplies?

Whatever may be the cleaning equipments or detergents needed would be provided free of cost. In case you want a specific brand of detergent to be used, you require supplying the item. Within the scope of one-off service, you can either supply the detergents of your choice or can pick from our list at extra costs.

  1. Do you clean the windows at the commercial properties?

Yes we do. Our service team has technicians holding experience in cleaning the windows for commercial properties. We have the expertise to handle the perspectives of the smaller and the bigger commercial premises alike. You can avail our services for school or office buildings alike.

  1. How do I pay for your service?

We accept payments in cash, cheque , paypal and through bank transfer. You are free to opt for the mode you would be convenient with.

  1. Where lays the importance to get the gutters cleaned by experts?

Well-maintained gutters ensure integrity over the drainage system of your property. We can detect the problem areas and mend it with the help of the advanced machineries that we use in the process.

  1. Can you hint on the process flow that you follow?

We use a specialized cleaning machine to clean the gutters. This is basically an advanced vacuum cleaner that is capacitated to remove the derbies accumulated in the gutter. An extendible telescope-pole is thatched to the machine and it reaches to an extent of 12 meters height. One tiny camera had also been featured with the pole that gives us a clear picture of internal look of the gutter. We would serve you with picture for pre and post stage services that would give you a realistic understanding of the improvements.

  1. Do you clean gutters of all types?

We clean all types of gutters except the ones with having fixed guards.

  1. Do you remove the grasses that might grow out of the gutters?

Yes. We do it manually.

  1. Do you compulsorily need a parking place just outside the property?

It is not a compulsion but as the cleaning machine is excessively heavy we require a closer parking spot to the property.

  1. Do you clean the downpipes?

If the downpipes are above the level of the ground, we can clean it for sure.

  1. Am concerned about the training and the insurance that your workforce would have

Be assured that we operate with well trained and experienced cleaners. Aside, we deploy them to assignments only after we insure them adequately.

  1. What should be the ideal frequency to clean the gutters to keep it in the perfect state?

Ideally, you should book our expert services once in 6-months span.

  1. What are the symptoms that indicate the repairs of the gutters?

The symptoms would be Leaking, sagging and the drainage system getting overflowed.

  1. What are the consequences of not repairing the gutters?

Rotting of the woods, cracking of the foundation, leakage of the roofs & basements and insect infestations are some of the obvious outcome of ignoring the repairs of the gutters.

  1. Do you serve the area where my property lies?

We cover the entire stretch of Wiltshire. Still, you can call our 24/7 helpline number 07450244442  or 07977705777, where you will be getting answers to all the queries that.


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